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Nail Trends That Need the Chop  

We're all for new trends particularly when it comes to nail art but the more we see, the more we can't help but laugh... Their seems to have been loads of 'new and wonderful' designs this year but are they more of a marketing tactic? Here's a gallery of trends that we hope will never return to the salon...


Seriously? How can you wash the dishes with these...?

Pom Pom Nails

Duck Feet / Flared

Duck Nails

Shovel nails

Nail Art

Are these not working for you? Lets try a simple French Manicure then, that has to be more subtle...

French Manicure Nails

Maybe not

Fur nails

Furry Nails
Fury Talons not working for you either? What about if we give it a 'Stiletto' shape...?

Bubble Nails

You think your boss will let you away with 'Bubble nails? You know, something more practical...


Nothing planned for the weekend? You could always try this if you have a few nice colours to use...

Aquarium Nails

Spiral Nails


If this is all too much for you, why not come along on one of our Nail Art courses are learn a while range of techniques from glitter, encapsulation, rhinestones and much more. We promise there will be no fur or pom-poms used!

Dates for 2016? 14th October and 12th December


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