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One Stroke Nail Art Designs  

Create nail art designs with a range of NSI products.

This stiletto nail was created using NSI Secrets Stiletto Nail Forms, Simplicite powders Plum and Done, Antique Lace and Sparkling Glitter Blue Lilac, Diamond Love and Prism paints for One Stroke

  • Step 1 - Apply NSI Secrets Nail Forms to the nail and sculpt chosen shape using NSI Attraction Crystal Clear.
  • Step 2 - Build nail bed using NSI Attraction Rose Blush and once set using 180 grit file to refine the smile line.
  • Step 3 - Pick up a bead of Simplicite PolyDip colour Plum and Done and apply around the smile line and pull down towards the tip.
  • Step 4 - Apply a bead of Simplicite PolyDip colour Antique lace on the tip and pull towards so the colours blend.
  • Step 5 - Pick up a bead of Crystal Clear and dip into chosen glitter and place onto the nail.
  • Step 6 - Cap entire nail in Crystal Clear, File and Buff.
  • Step 7 - Using Secrets Prism Paints create your One Stroke Design.
  • Step 8 - Once dry apply Glaze & Go and cure, finish off with Nurture Oil.

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