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Simplicite PolyDip Course  

Simplicite PolyDip is an odourless Nail enhancement system that be used for natural nail and tip overlays.

This system is a perfect product for any Nail Technician because it has the polished look that clients love from Gel Polish but the strength of a nail enhancement.

  • Because it’s Oligomer based, you can work on all 5 nails at once before going in to the lamp. The product will not move or cure until it’s placed in the lamp.
  • It’s completely Odourless – perfect for spas, home based salons, or mobile techs.
  • There’s no brush involved – so no existing Acrylic skills needed. Don’t worry about mix ratio or bead placement ever again! Oligomer technology means that it self-levels. If you can polish a nail, you can use Simplicite Polydip.
  • It’s fast. It Cures in LED 30 seconds, UV 2 mins. In testing, a full set of Tip and Overlay was applied in 24 mins. It removes in 15 – 20 mins.
  • It works brilliantly to provide a quick repair to natural nails.
  • It can be done in natural, French or coloured finish.

See for yourself how brilliant this system is..

We offer a free conversion course with the purchase of either our Sampler Kit or discover kit.

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