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Summer Beauty School  

What's On

Just a wee update in all that's going on at The Scottish Beauty School. 

If you call us for information you will hear a few new voices, as Margaret and Amy have recently joined our team. Toni, Fiona and Kirsty are on annual leave, but we are all hands on deck for the start of August.....and our next VAT Free Open Day on 28th August.

      Amy                                                                Margaret


Summer Sun

I am sure with the great weather you have all had those toes out on show, so why not consider our Hollywood Toes or Nail Enhancement courses. Please give us a call for all the course info.

This week we are busy with our monthly Make Up course run by our very experienced and talented Elaine who has a wealth of knowledge from working on TV and Film. She also covers our Advanced Make-Up and Hair Up Styling courses.

For inspiration, please visit our list of courses, and remember all courses are eligible for Individual Training Account or ITA for short. If unsure if you are eligible, please check out on the My World of Work website

The Scottish Beauty School Team


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ITA Courses: £200

ITA Scotland (Individual Training Account) is a government scheme to help pay for training courses, whether you want to improve your career prospects or just learn something new.