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Terms and Conditions  

Due to COVID 19 the delivering of courses is subject to Government Guidelines

A £75 deposit or approved ITA funding is required to secure a place on all courses

Where a kit purchase is mandatory, payment is taken at the time of booking (Lash FX, Russian Lashes, Brow Lamination and Henna Brows)


2.1 Full payment for courses would be expected Two weeks before all course start dates. Failure to do so would result in the place being automatically cancelled.

2.2 The full course fee will not be reduced for early withdrawal unless the reason for withdrawal meets the Schools refund of course fees policy.

2.3 Where a student on a Diploma or Advanced Diploma course wishes to withdraw after part completion of the course, any refund considered on remaining areas will be subject to our normal deposit charge of £75 per area.

2.4 All deposits are non-refundable and can only be used within 6 months of the date of receipt. 

2.5 Where ITA funding is used for full course payment, and without prior notice you fail to attend the agreed class, all future courses booked with The Scottish Beauty School must be self-funded.

2.6 Where the purchase of a kit for the course is mandatory, the school reserves the right not to refund or issue the kit unless cancelation is FOURTEEN DAYS prior to the course start date.


3.1 The School shall not refund tuition fees and charges unless it determines at its sole discretion to do so.

3.2 No refunds shall be made for casual or other type of absence from the course.

3.3 The School is committed to eliminating unlawful discrimination, harassment and victimisation; advancing equality of opportunity; advancing equality of opportunity between differing groups; and fostering good relations between different groups. If you suffer from or contract any medical or health condition; are absent or have difficulties for any other reason the School where possible will support you in completing your particular course. However the School does not warrant or guarantee this will be possible in all cases.


4.1 Where a student who attends a day class misses one full day the School will endeavour to accommodate any assessment missed where necessary without further charge.

4.2 Where a student who attends an evening class misses two evenings the School will endeavour to accommodate any assessment missed where necessary without further charge.

4.3 Where a student day or evening misses more than the above times, then charges would be sought to enable completion, as further training would be necessary.


5.1 The School reserves the right to make reasonable variations to the design, content and delivery of the course.

5.2 The School reserves the right to discontinue or merge courses, if the School at its sole discretion such an action reasonable.

5.3 The student would be expected to inform the school before the start of study on that day of their inability to attend.


6.1 You shall have responsibility to ensure that you are familiar with the School’s academic regulations and procedures. Where these relate to the submission of your course work and course assessments, you should note that failure to meet specified deadlines in terms of your course work may affect your academic progress.

6.2 Information relating to your course work and assessment shall be provided as part of the School’s induction process when you start your course. If you are unsure about academic regulations and/or procedures, then please contact your course tutor/School principal for assistance.

6.3 It is anticipated that you will make satisfactory progress on your course of study. If however, you encounter difficulty in achieving progress, then it is recommended that you discuss the matter with your course tutor/School principal who will advise you on the additional support that may be available.

6.4 The school has had each course accredited and checked for insurance eligibility however, before embarking on the course it is your responsibility to check that your own insurance will cover you.

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ITA Courses: £200

ITA Scotland (Individual Training Account) is a government scheme to help pay for training courses, whether you want to improve your career prospects or just learn something new.