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Toni's Valentines Blog NSI Scotland  

Well my nails have been fabulous with that new PH Balancer so I don’t feel the need to change them because they are still amazing after being on for 3 weeks..

However with Valentine’s Day coming up I have decided to do something fun! (I still can’t face Red from Christmas) so I’ve decided to go for a Rose Quartz theme because I’m still loving that Nude soft tone and Rose Quartz is a crystal of unconditional love, it’s a soft feminine energy of compassion, peace and tenderness also healing with nourishment and comfort so what more says love for Valentines Day?

So let’s do this. I’ve used a few of the fab NSI colours so talking you through it..

I’ve prepped my nails using the new fab  PH Balancer again (I’m telling you it’s fab).

I’ve used Pure White or Winning White, Rose Blush and Extreme Pink and 2 coats of the New Essential’s Seal Top Coat for that high gloss shine look.

Rose Quartz is also to release pain and negative emotions from your heart so let’s get ready for some love on Valentine’s Day..





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